The monks of Burton Abbey – 1300s to 1500s

The monks wanted better accommodation alongside their healing spring, so they brought two timber framed buildings up to the site in the 1400 and mashed them together to make the north east wing. The original buildings date from the 1300s.

In the early 1500s they did the same again, creating the other wing - the start of today’s Grade II* listed building. Grade II* means it’s in the top 7% of important buildings in England!

The creation of a shooting lodge & Medieval great hall – 1600s

Located in a deer park, the Pagets used Sinai Park House as their hunting lodge as it was too small to be a proper country house.

Because some of the hunting and shooting guests were celebrities, like the Earl of Essex, the Pagets joined the Medieval buildings together in 1605 to create a building that was designed to look like a Medieval great hall. A very posh, very old fake, like all the rest of the extensions and additions that make Sinai what it is.

Kate Murphy & Sinai Park House Trust – 1995 to present day

The current caretaker of Sinai Park House purchased the house in 1995 and renovated the eastern wing of the house. The property is now managed by Sinai Park House Trust.

The Trust is dedicated not just to saving the Grade II* timber framed buildings at Sinai, but to re-enabling access to the joyous, transformational and healing powers this site has always been able to offer.