Bringing Sinai back to life

For generations, Sinai has been about rest, solace, diversion and wellbeing. And education and entertainment and fun. An escape from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Where transformation can happen. Its Lord’s Well holy spring is the doorway and Sinai has the key.

Now, Sinai Park House is undergoing its own transformation, in order to bring the house and site back to life and deliver all the rejuvenation, contemplation, new learning and fun that previous generations have already experienced.

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Take your first step to transformation

As Sinai remakes its magic for a new generation seeking inspiration and direction, it reopens access to the community, to visitors and to those who seek to share its vision. A unique tranquillity of spirit and the power to transform.

With forest schools and outdoor learning, guided walks and talks, overnight stays, open air performance, community events courses such as forest bathing, yoga, hydrotherapy and mindfulness. Sinai offers a gateway to extraordinary experience for all who can share its transformational powers.

Get involved

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