Burton’s healing spring

Located at Sinai Park House can be found an ancient healing spring – Chalybeate waters which contain salts of iron. Just like Glastonbury, or Tunbridge Wells or Bath, just not so famous!

Drinking and bathing in Chalybeate waters has been celebrated from the 17th century as having health-giving properties.

The healing spring is why the monks of Burton Abbey chose Sinai for its rest and recuperation retreat after bloodletting. The monks even got a pass to Sinai with two weeks’ extra rations of bread and beer!

Plunge pools

The Paget family who owned Sinai Park House as their hunting lodge, built The Lord’s Well plunge pool to take advantage of the healing properties of the healing spring.

Dipping in the 18th century plunge pool built over the Chalybeate waters was considered essential to a healthy lifestyle, lengthening life and curing disease.

The people that shaped our history

Learn about the interesting people that made Sinai Park House what it is today.

Bloodletting at Sinai Park House

The practice of bloodletting at Sinai

A lot of people ask about Sinai’s links to the practice of bloodletting treatment.

History of Hunting at Sinai Park House

Sinai used as a hunting lodge

Located in a deer park, the Pagets used Sinai Park House as their hunting lodge.

The History of Sinai Park House

A site of historic importance

Discover more about Sinai's rich history and how it has developed since the 1200s.