For generations, Sinai has been about rest, solace, diversion and wellbeing. And education and entertainment and fun. An escape from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Where transformation can happen. Its Lord’s Well holy spring is the doorway and Sinai has the key.

An irresistible site

For centuries the site has been irresistible – to Romans, to Medieval monks, seeking recuperation after bloodletting – and later developed by one of Britain’s leading aristocratic families, the Pagets as a pleasure park and hunting lodge.

Sinai Park House is the last remaining built evidence of the greatest religious order in the Midlands and a monument to the recreational pursuits of one of England’s foremost 19th century military heroes, Henry Paget.

Extraordinary experiences

With forest schools and outdoor learning, guided walks and talks, open air performance, community events courses such as forest bathing, yoga, hydrotherapy and mindfulness. When the buildings are fully restored Sinai will provide a small but unique B&B and events hire experience.

With a charitable arm, subsidising young people and those working in the NHS and care sectors, Sinai offers a gateway to extraordinary experience for all who can share its transformational powers.