A hunting lodge in a deer park

Sinai was too small to be a proper country house, but it was in a deer park, so the Paget Family used it as their hunting lodge.

Because some of the hunting and shooting guests were celebrities like the Earl of Essex, the Pagets joined the Medieval buildings together in 1605 to create a building that was designed to look like a Medieval great hall. A very posh, very old fake, like all the rest of the extensions and additions that make Sinai what it is.

The historic parkland surrounding Sinai Park House is located on a scarp overlooking Burton on Trent and the Trent Valley. The woodland is planted in two parts – Shobnall Wood to the north and the Rough to the south.

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Healing Waters at Sinai Park House

Healing waters of Sinai

The ancient healing spring at Sinai offers visitors rest and recuperation.

The people that shaped our history

Learn about the interesting people that made Sinai Park House what it is today.

Bloodletting at Sinai Park House

The practice of bloodletting at Sinai

A lot of people ask about Sinai’s links to the practice of bloodletting treatment.

The History of Sinai Park House

A site of historic importance

Discover more about Sinai's rich history and how it has developed since the 1200s.