Transforming the extraordinary

A story of rejuvenation for all

Everyone who’s ever come to Sinai Park House has done so for inspiration, rest, fun, learning or just a change of scene.
Over more than ten centuries it’s been a place to escape from the ordinary and mundane. Many of its previous occupiers have felt its power and chosen to remain – in spirit – forever.

Our vision

Join us on a journey of transformation, as Sinai remakes its magic for new generations seeking inspiration and direction.

Stay with us

Escape the ordinary and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and tranquillity of this extraordinary house.

Extraordinary History

Discover the history of Sinai Park House and find out why its location and site has had such a big significance over the years. From the Romans, Medieval monks and English Civil War armies to the English aristocracy.

Latest Posts

Sinai plunge pool restoration

06 January 2022

National Forest Company helps restore the Sinai Plunge Pool

Sinai Park House Trust continues with the restoration of the rare Georgian plunge pool.

Sinai craft workshop

04 December 2021

Transforming Sinai with the help of the Transforming the Trent Valley (TTTV) project

Long-dreamed of Forest School is set up in the meadow at Sinai Park

Sinai Park House Forest School

21 October 2021

Volunteer Outdoor Learning Assistants Needed at Sinai Park House Forest School

Sinai Park House is looking for several regular Outdoor Learning Assistants for its Forest School.