Discover Sinai Park House

Sinai Park House is the enduring sanctuary, a safe place that is on a journey of transformation. You can experience this by visiting, staying over and escaping the ordinary.

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From historic tours of the site, including afternoon teas, future events will include open-air theatre, forest schools, yoga retreats and other one-off events throughout the year. Sinai Park House is open for people of all ages to enjoy.

Escape the ordinary

Sinai Park House offers anyone who steps through its doors a place to get away from the hum drum of everyday life. Escape the ordinary and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and tranquillity of this extraordinary historic house.

Visitors can stay in the beautiful guest suite in the restored wing of Sinai Park House. Book a stay to rest, rejuvenate and experience the extraordinary history of the house.

A place for rest and recuperation

Since the site was first built on in the 1200s, Sinai Park House has always been used as a place of rest and recuperation. The location and site of Sinai has a big significance – it is home to an ancient healing spring – Chalybeate waters which are salts of iron. The spring is why the monks of Burton Abbey chose Sinai Park House for their place of respite after bloodletting.

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To book a visit, event or overnight stay, head to our Visit Us page. For anything else, why not call us on 01283 544161 or email