Whether it was monks at Sinai for rest and recuperation or the Paget family for entertainment away from the day to day, Sinai can deliver all the rejuvenation, contemplation, new learning and fun that previous generations have already experienced.

Of equal importance is to enable the benefits of Sinai to be experienced and felt by all those who could benefit from its extraordinary powers. An especial objective is to support young people whose lives have been disrupted, whether by illness or challenges with mainstream education.

The Trust is keen to recruit individuals with interest, knowledge and potentially skills, related to all and any aspects of the restoration - find out more.

Once the site is saved, and even while work is ongoing, the Sinai Park House Trust will help fund access to Sinai and participation in activities for its chosen charities – the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Burton Albion Community Trust.

The restoration project will also support the habitat and protection of the great crested newts currently known to exist within the Sinai Park House grounds.

Its 10-year environmental management plan will also encourage a wider range of British native plant and animal species through a range of biodiversity enhancements.