Not an ordinary house

Sinai Park House is an extraordinary place. Come and experience its power by visiting, taking part in activities or staying over.

Things to do

Sinai Park House is open for people of all ages to enjoy. Explore all the ways you could experience this extraordinary place.

Tours and Teas at Sinai Park House

Tours and Teas

Organised parties can book tours of Sinai Park House.

Forest School at Sinai Park House

Forest School

School and college parties can book tours of Sinai Park House.

Ghost Tours at Sinai Park House

Ghost Tours

Numerous legends and ghost stories surround Sinai Park House.

Stay at Sinai Park House

Stay with Us

Stay in the guest suite of the restored wing at Sinai Park House.

Special events

From Heritage Open Days events to exclusive tours and open-air theatre performances, Sinai Park House hosts a variety of one-off events each year.

Find out more about what is coming up throughout the year.