27 April 2021

Sinai re-opens its doors to visitors in May 2021

Welcome back to Sinai!

Burton on Trent’s oldest surviving historic building is delighted to re-open its doors to visitors from 17th May 2021.

Why not join us at Sinai Park House for a guided tour and afternoon tea. Not only are these afternoons good fun, there’s always more to learn about Sinai from the visitors who come and see it. Whether it’s ghost stories, more anecdotes about the famous folk who have owned the house, local history anecdotes or extra things to see that no-one’s noticed before, there’s always great new stuff to talk about.

And over and above all that, all these people back in the grounds or in the house itself just make Sinai itself so happy. Everyone who’s ever come for a visit to Sinai Park House has done so for inspiration, rest, fun, learning or a change of scene. And the house just knows it. So, it’s just great that the place is recapturing its heritage as a place for everyone seeking the same inspiration, rest, fun, learning and intrigue. Come and see!