14 September 2021

Knights Templar's Holy Grail 'treasure' could be hidden at Sinai

Is the Holy Grail 'treasure' hidden at Sinai Park House?

Historian and anthropologist David Adkins has recently claimed he has pinpointed the location of the Knights Templar's Holy Grail "treasure" – in a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers underneath Sinai Park House in Burton-on-Trent.

The 50-year-old has conducted research that uncovered links between the Midlands property and the Templars.

He said: “Sinai House is probably the most important house in England. It is an awe-inspiring building perched high on a hill overlooking the town."

“A timber-framed structure, crumbling and at risk, it hides secrets of international importance – and probably conceals the truth behind the Holy Grail itself."

“There is a strong argument for the famous Templar hoard being buried somewhere under the house.”

He came up with his new theory as Sinai House was said to have been used by the Knights and its founder, Hugues de Payens, who reportedly has strong links to the surrounding Burton Abbey Estate.

Researchers have previously tried to explore a secret passageway in the grade 2 listed building in the 19th century but were forced back by fumes and the cellar's stone archway has remained bricked up since.

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